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Possessing all the finest facilities is crucial for an educational institution. However, it is not everything. Sometimes, attracting talented students to your school can be a much more difficult task. It is where we, Three G Logic, jump in! Our services bring in a wealth of experience in school marketing, making Three G Logic your go-to destination for ensuring a flourishing education business.

We are India’s top school marketing company with the best experts who endeavor to deliver the finest solutions to boost the functioning of our client's businesses in the education sector. With our approach to digital marketing, several universities, schools, colleges, and coaching have seen promising growth. We offer the best school marketing services in India if you seek guidance for K-12, secondary education, higher education, or any other marketing. Let us learn more about the services we offer!


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Best Marketing Of School Services In India

Society's days have come far from when businesses needed pamphlets and people personally visited every school. Earlier schools could get a large newspaper advertisement and attract countless new admissions. Moreover, high-quality education coupled with the finest infrastructure was enough to be favored by the citizens. But the scenario is very different today.

With the doors open to the digital world, more than fifty percent of internet users make their first visit to the browsers to locate details about educational institutions. Moreover, most of these netizens click sponsored links when going through all kinds of information about higher education. Hence, not possessing an online platform is the first step to lower admissions and sales for your institution.

As a school's marketer, showing your educational institution as the best option is vital for grabbing the student's attention and boosting the total number of admissions. School education businesses must employ the most suitable channels and instruments to achieve this. Additionally, they must also use more competent and impelling strategies for marketing.

As a successful school marketing company, Three G Logic is au fait with every aspect of digital marketing. We will be of service concerning SEO, content marketing, PPC marketing, SMM, e-mail marketing, video marketing, reputation management, and more.

Our Approach To Target The Right Audience For School Marketing

Besides excellent programs and world-class faculty, education institutes also require a marketing strategy to engage and attract individuals who should be aware of your school. Considering you are a part of the education sector, most of your target audience will be parents and learners.

Three G Logic is working non-stop to understand the best approach and strategy. As a marketing agency for schools in India, our first approach is to outline our client's predetermined purpose and objectives. Understanding that your primary target audience is parents and students, our expert team will create fully personalized techniques to grab the target audience's attention in a specific zone.

Whether it is geographic location, demographics of your target audience, psychographics, and more, our professional team will do everything to help you find and uniquely target the prospects. To realize how our professionals do their job, let us take a closer look!

What Our Clients Say About Our Services?

Our Digital Marketing Strategies For Educational Services

Education SEO

Search engine optimization, short for SEO, is the primary element of every digital marketing strategy. Three G Logic is a school marketing company that provides SEO services for all spheres. SEO aims to ensure your education business or institution ranks at the top of the search results on Google. This strategy helps increase traffic on your website.

Education SEO is essential as almost every student's first approach to finding a prestigious institution is browsing the internet before applying for admission. A higher rank on Google demonstrates credibility and a higher reputation. Our marketers will use different SEO strategies to push your position on the search engines to increase your website's traffic and boost the admission rate.

With content indexing, keywords, adequate link structure, and keyword targeting, our services can ensure our client’s education institution appears on higher SERPs.

Local Education SEO

Most parents prefer sending their children to educational institutions available in their locality, probably the best and most well-known ones. Hence, schools and universities must build a solid status within their city. Here is where local SEO comes to play. Most parents looking for local schools online come across various options based on the location.

Local SEO entails executing strategies to boost your institution's local searches. These include Google My Business, creating business listings for directories, and increasing reviews. As a school marketing company, Three G Logic features a skilled team well-versed in minor details. These include local intent, citations, local pack, maps, and carousels for developing your institution's local status via local SEO.

PPC Marketing For Educational Institutes

As essential SEO is, it also requires equal patience to see the outcomes of the marketing team's efforts. While we wait for your SEO to start moving in full motion, PPC is an instant strategy. You can understand PPC, or pay-per-click, as paid advertisements and advertised search results. Unlike SEO, whose aftereffects stay for a long time, PPC is a short-term strategy.

As a result, once you stop the flow of money, Google will stop promoting your business. PPC, like SEO, helps boost search traffic to the online platform of your education institute. These are effective during new sessions when every institute is enthusiastic to welcome new students. To put your institute in the spotlight, you can select Three G Logic's services for PPC marketing for educational institutes.

Social Media Marketing For Educational Institutes

SAmple students ready to enter an education institute own a social media account. Hence, to become noticeable to your potential audience, you must create a presence on social. We are a school marketing company that will do everything for your education institute through social media platforms. And this includes more than posting and replying to the comments.

Our expert team will coordinate the efforts and stay consistent with their social media work. Our marketers will approach these channels with a strategic and integrated approach. You can use our marketing services for various platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Social media marketing strategies are the best way to tell students you are their dream education institution.

E-Mail Marketing Services For Educational Institutes

Mobile apps and social media receive all the hype in the digital age. However, despite the accessibility to myriad channels, e-mail is among the most profitable methods. With our campaign for e-mail marketing, you can realize the power of this strategy. Adding e-mail marketing to the tactics for content marketing is also possible to increase the consumer's value.

Consequently, it helps convert the visitors to apply for admission and convert them into your students. Our e-mail marketing experts are proficient in developing enticing campaigns. They are knowledgeable about ideal audience outreach and conduct interaction analysis with visitors. Additionally, they reach the best decisions using essential data. The marketers at our agency will create appealing e-mails that are revealing and persistent for creating a positive impression.

Educational Institutes Content Marketing

A significant and indispensable constituent a school marketing company uses is a content marketing strategy. Whether it is compelling stories to grab the attention of the students and parents or to deliver helpful and essential information to them, content marketing works towards building awareness regarding your brand. The content aims to compel the visitors to take the desirable action, which is necessary for conversion.

These actions include subscribing to your e-mail list, making requests, or submitting admission applications for the courses you offer. There are all kinds of content, including digital videos, e-books, blog posts, podcasts, white papers, and more. By hiring our services for digital marketing, our experts will ensure your education website content is attractive. They will also create content strategies to help your school achieve enormous growth.

Educational Institute Online Reputation Management

When it concerns your education business, reputation plays a big part. ORM or online reputation management includes maintaining and managing a positive image of your education institution online. A good outlook ensures the institution receives new admissions and financial backing. It also helps students to land better job opportunities.

Having netizens talk in favor of your institution helps create a good reputation. However, negative online chatter also smears and influences your institution’s stature. As a result, online reputation management is vital for every business in the education sector. Three G Logic experts will employ essential strategies and tools for managing your online reputation.

Video Marketing For Educational Sector

Video marketing is effective and essential digital marketing approach that can immensely impact your target audience. We will help create excellent quality videos to cover every facet of your educational institute. These include campus tours, available courses, student housing, and supplementary facilities, such as a library, food court, labs, etc.

Endorsing informative and superior-quality videos will help you create the best impression on the students and parents. Our school marketing company will help create a better brand for your institute and develop a robust online presence. Additionally, you may showcase these aspects in real-time to ensure your audience views your institute online and build an interest in applying for admission.


Over half a million educational apps have been released by traditional educational institutions as well as commercial developers. In addition to education apps, the e-learning industry is flooded with online courses, videos, eBooks, and websites, making it nearly hard for a new product or service to stand out without a well-thought-out marketing approach.

Educational institutions can use social media marketing in the same way that any other business may. It's a way to reach out to existing and potential educational product or service consumers with customized information, referrals, and strong brand relationships.

Because most web information is accessible via mobile devices, anyone hoping to launch a new educational product or service cannot afford not to have a mobile-friendly website with an optimized landing page.

Online reviews offer an excellent opportunity to discover and fix any flaws with the product or service early on, showcase your brand's strengths and competitive advantages, strengthen relationships with existing consumers, and demonstrate to future customers how much you care.

Pay attention to your audience; they'll tell you what kind of video material to make and where to put it. Keep an eye on engagement data like the number of views, average view duration, audience retention, re-watches, subscription growth, peak live viewers, click-through rate, average completion rate, and other audience engagement KPIs using analytics tools like Google Analytics.

For your school, there are a variety of low-cost options. You can use techniques like bringing referrals, SEO material, content marketing, e-mail marketing, press releases and news, and social media marketing to draw attention to your schools. It would be best if you made an effort to be seen as much as possible. It doesn't matter if it's online or offline. Participating in tradeshows and information fairs can also help you market your institution more successfully.

Every educational institution requires a unique marketing strategy. Before embarking on a marketing campaign, it is critical to understand the student's mindset. You must remain at the student's location and answer his career-related inquiries. You must also ensure that your content marketing provides answers to all of the students' questions. This will enhance your institution's engagement as well as enrolment.

To raise your brand's online presence, you must improve your SEO. You should concentrate on the material you will present on your website and other online platforms. SEO aids in the growth of organic traffic to your website. As a result, your educational institution's enrollment numbers rise. To boost your SERP, a brand marketing firm like SEO Tech Experts evaluates and focuses on all areas of SEO improvement.

Your educational institution may have the best marketing team. However, you should make sure that your marketing team is always coming up with new marketing strategies. When necessary information is not provided, or content quality is not up to par, a gap can arise between institutions and students (or students' parents). There has been some confusion. The marketing department must provide regular updates and marketing activities. Visit our website for additional professional assistance.

It's fashionable to generate new leads through good content marketing. It will help if you improve the effectiveness and appeal of your material. It's up to you to make it appealing. A brand marketing firm can assist you in improving the effectiveness of your content marketing to improve your SEO. This increases your website's organic traffic. It will also help you in increasing brand engagement.